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Oncology Research Studies

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in modern times. An estimated 12.7 million new cancer cases were diagnosed worldwide in 2008. It causes the death of an estimated 7.6 million people a year—one of every seven deaths worldwide. That rate is expected to double by 2030. The leading types of cancers are lung, stomach, liver, colorectal, breast, and cervical, but cancer in its many forms can strike anyone at any age.

The staff at MPI Research is well aware of cancer’s prevalence. We know the heart-breaking effect this diagnosis causes in the lives of family and friends, and we are proud to join Sponsors in their tireless efforts to search for new treatments and cures.

MPI Research brings state-of-the-art imaging capabilities to provide critical information about disease processes and validity of cancer therapeutic targets, as well as the potential of cancer therapeutic agents as diagnostic tools. We also provide novel expertise in custom-radiolabeling antibodies, peptides, and cells, as well as determining compound tissue distribution using quantitative, whole-body autoradiography and other techniques.

We share a common goal: to rid the world of this terrible disease and improve patient’s quality of life. Let MPI Research work with you to make that happen.

  • PET/CT imaging
  • nanoSPECT/CT imaging
  • SPECT/CT imaging
  • Biomarker characterization
    • Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) analysis of biomarker messenger RNA
    • Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) analysis of DNA and cell-based therapeutics and target tissues
    • Immunoassays (Meso scale discovery (MSD) and Luminex systems) of biologic therapeutics and biomarkers
  • Radiolabeling
    • Antibodies
    • Peptides
    • Cells
  • Cell phenotyping by fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS)