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Our extensive capabilities support virtually all aspects of Drug Safety, Discovery Sciences, Surgical Services and Medical Device Evaluation, and Bioanalytical and Analytical Solutions, in all major therapeutic areas.

MPI Research provides comprehensive discovery services in a flexible, collaborative environment. We offer pharmacokinetic, ADME, in vivo disease, and surgical models in numerous species with applicability to all therapeutic categories. Our in vivo capabilities are complemented with a broad array of in vitro models and techniques from molecular to cellular biology. We offer specialized discovery services in

  • A purpose-built, dedicated drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics research laboratory staffed by highly qualified, trained personnel
  • Extensive in vitro services and research models
  • Comprehensive medical device evaluation services
  • Full integration with our platform of immunoassays, histology, pathology, immuno-histochemistry, flow cytometry, telemetric readouts, and behavioral assays
  • A fully equipped radiochemistry laboratory
  • Superior surgical capabilities in state-of-the-art facilities providing customized protocols for surgical disease models, and implanted delivery systems that meet or exceed accrediting or regulatory standards
  • Molecular imaging with processing and data analysis for 2-D and 3-D regions