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Infusion Toxicology Research Studies

The curve of progress in infusion technology is developing and rapidly advancing new equipment, more routes of administration, targeted tissue dosing, and increasingly complex routines. As the scope of infusion delivery technology expands, so does the requirement for more specialized, complex infusion models to replicate drug administration routes and regimens for humans. MPI Research responds to the challenge with

  • Customized studies designed to incorporate the most appropriate, advanced infusion technology for your specific research requirements
  • Infusion capabilities using ambulatory and tethered models in multiple species
  • Extensive experience and expertise in both intermittent and continuous infusion models, utilizing current technologies
  • Services follow regulatory guidelines to ensure test reliability, high quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness

MPI Research partners with Sponsors to evaluate their needs and design the most appropriate, logistically feasible models for their infusion toxicology programs. Working in close collaboration with colleagues in our general toxicology, safety pharmacology, developmental and reproductive toxicology, neurobehavioral sciences, and discovery services divisions, our expert infusion team develops robust models and well-designed studies to achieve the solutions you envision.

  • Extensive capabilities in infusion technology, supported by expertise and knowledge in large and small molecule infusion
  • Dedicated scientific and technical staff
  • Routine evaluation of studies by board-certified pathologists experienced in recognizing background pathologies inherent to infusion models
  • Robust models that allow design flexibility
    • Ambulatory infusion
    • Jacket-tether infusion
    • Peripheral percutaneous infusion
    • Multi-channel infusion
  • Infusion models in multiple species
    • Rodents
    • Canine
    • Rabbit
    • Swine
    • Nonhuman primates (including infant primates)
  • Long-term infusion capabilities
  • Dedicated surgical suite and support for small/large animal infusion procedures and repairs
  • Experienced veterinary and surgical staff, including ASR certified surgeons