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MPI Research offers comprehensive services to help determine the safety of life-changing compounds and assist in bringing them to the marketplace as rapidly as possible.

Our drug safety research services offer dedicated expertise in

Comprehensive, industry-leading resources

  • Highly experienced team of 26 Study Directors, with 12 having achieved DABT certification
  • 16, on-site, full-time board-certified (DACVP) pathologists (14 anatomic and 2 clinical)
  • Necropsy laboratory
  • Standard and specialized animal models, including rodent, canine, nonhuman primate, swine, rabbit, feline, and others. Full capabilities for pilot studies include acute, subchronic, chronic toxicology and carcinogenicity studies
  • Availability of all routes of administration (with the exception of inhalation)
  • Electronic data capture software, ProvantisTM, captures in-life, pathology, necropsy, and histopathology data, allowing for optimization of +Interpretation and scheduling
  • Additional specialized data capture systems including MED-PC® and PoNeMah (P3P) are utilized for recording and analyzing functional safety endpoints
  • Secure chain-of-custody management and verification of all test materials

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