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Finding the Right DMPK Partner
The 20th century saw amazing, life-saving discoveries in medical research. That innovative spirit remains strong in the new century, even as it advances into more complex areas of study, more complicated diseases, and more rigorous standards. Finding a partner who expertly balances those dynamics is key to advancing drug development.


MPI Research provides a broad range of research models integrated with state-of-the-art test methods and analytics to help Sponsors identify and develop life-changing therapies.

Our comprehensive discovery services provide expertise and experience in

Integrated support for discovery in all major therapeutic areas

  • A purpose-built, dedicated drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics research laboratory staffed by highly qualified, trained personnel
  • Extensive in vitro services and in vitro efficacy and safety research models
  • Full integration with our platform of immunoassays, histology, pathology, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, telemetric readouts, and behavioral assays
  • A fully equipped radiochemistry laboratory
  • Molecular imaging with processing and data analysis for 2-D and 3-D regions

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