Partnership Prepares Next Generation of Animal Technicians

//Partnership Prepares Next Generation of Animal Technicians

Partnership Prepares Next Generation of Animal Technicians

by April George, DVM

The value of animal research to advancing new medicines can’t be understated. Making sure the highest possible standards of animal welfare are upheld is a key element of that value—now and in the future.

At MPI Research, we insist on the best husbandry practices so that the animals in our care are stress-free and in good health. This is important for quality study results, and it’s the right thing to do. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kalamazoo Valley Community College to develop an Animal Technician Academy.

The first Academy began in May 2014 and involved six weeks of intensive classwork and laboratory sessions. Each week, students spent three days in classroom instruction and one day in the lab. They gained knowledge of laboratory animal technology, including basic anatomy and physiology, identification methods, humane care and maintenance, health and observation, handling techniques, biosecurity, record-keeping and medical terminology.

Why is such training important, and why is MPI Research involved? Because meeting regulatory requirements for animal welfare is only the beginning. A quality, ethical CRO must go beyond the basics. At MPI Research, we recruit laboratory animal technicians who truly care about animals.

Like me, many of my colleagues are veterinarians. We pursued our careers because we love animals. We can channel that passion into quality animal care that also leads to new medical treatments for humans and animals. In that light, we insist on working with carefully trained technicians who share our commitment.

Helping spearhead the Academy, I was impressed by the enthusiasm of my colleagues and the interest of the students. We hope to continue with future Academies that keep pace with the constantly changing needs and opportunities within animal welfare.

I’m confident that the next generation of laboratory animal technicians will bring an even greater devotion to quality animal care. That’s good for the animals, good for our Sponsors and good for patients awaiting the medical cures of tomorrow.

April George, DVM, is Staff Veterinarian. MPI Research’s commitment to ethical, human animal care is demonstrated in its international accreditation through the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). Find out more about our animal welfare commitment here, or contact us at

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