MPI Research Presents at Drug Development Boot Camp!

//MPI Research Presents at Drug Development Boot Camp!

MPI Research Presents at Drug Development Boot Camp!

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MPI Research scientists, Scott Boley, PhD, DABT, Senior Director of General Toxicology and Infusion Toxicology, and Thomas Vihtelic, DVM, PhD, Director of Experimental Therapeutics, with a team of esteemed industry and regulatory drug development experts, will present at the upcoming seminar, Drug Development Boot Camp, November 14-15, 2012 at Harvard University. This highly interactive seminar will provide participants ample opportunities to discuss their individual drug development challenges with the presenters.

Dr. Boley will chair two sessions during the two-day conference. “Preclinical Development Part 1: Preclinical Development and Characterization,” will address the use of preclinical models to demonstrate proof of concept. Dr. Boley will focus on toxicology testing during safety evaluations in animals during his presentation “Preclinical Development: Toxicology” during the second session, “Preclinical Development Part 2: Toxicology Safety Evaluation in Animals – The Toxicology Phase.”

Dr. Vihtelic will contribute “Preclinical Efficacy In Vivo Disease Models” Development Part 1: Preclinical Development and Characterization.” During this presentation, Dr. Vihtelic will provide an overview of in vivo models and proof of concept. Throughout this session, the therapeutic focus will include oncology, inflammation, and ocular disease.

Don’t forget to stop by the MPI Research exhibit table to pick up your copy of the reference guide, “How Do I Get My Compound Into Phase I?.” The authors of this reference guide describe various scenarios for designing nonclinical plans to support initial clinical trials for a drug.

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