Tracking Biodistribution with Molecular Imaging

by Scott Haller, MS Medical advancements must bear scrutiny—including the presumed unlimited promise of stem cell-based therapies. Fortunately, that scrutiny is possible through many assays, including non-invasive imaging methods that provide crucial data on biodistribution [...]

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Stem Cell-Derived RPE Cells Sharpen View of Retinal Disease

by Thomas Vihtelic, DVM, PhD Director of Experimental Therapeutics, MPI Research Advancing stem cell research is a rewarding part of our work at MPI Research. We also follow related scientific achievements, as these can enhance [...]

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Molecular Imaging Yields New Insights in Drug Development

by Scott Haller, MS The advancement and incorporation of novel technologies into the development of breakthrough medicines is an exciting reality of contemporary science. The application of molecular imaging in drug development is a great [...]

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