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“MPI Research has given our team a sense of comfort during our studies over the past couple of years. I’m impressed by their dedication to communication, timelines, and quality. The success of our carcinogenicity and chronic studies is a direct result of the diligence and expertise within MPI Research. Furthermore, their flexibility to assemble FDA required datasets allowed us to remain on schedule. Our team includes MPI Research as our reliable and trusted CRO partner”

Director, Preclinical Development, Therapeutic Company
“We want to take this opportunity to thank the MPI Research team for their devotion and professionalism during our studies. The Study Directors, and the laboratory operations, quality assurance, and drug safety departments were collaborative while ensuring that our studies were completed on-time and with sound science. We continue to be impressed by the high quality work that MPI Research consistently delivers, and we certainly look forward to our future collaborations. We highly recommend MPI Research as a one-stop shop for preclinical and nonclinical outsourcing needs for the research and development of novel therapeutics from bench, IND, and all the way to regulatory filing for market approval.”
Director of Nonclinical Development, Biopharmaceutical Company
“Throughout my career within various pharmaceutical companies and now as a regulator reviewing studies, I have conducted many toxicology studies with the team at MPI Research, while on the pharmaceutical side. The best part about this organization is the tenure of its’ staff. My friends and colleagues at MPI Research have become an extension of my team and as part of my frequent visits to the facility, we have worked together to identify solutions that result in the successful completion of studies. Furthermore the team at MPI Research is consistent in the delivery of high quality study reports. Based on its’ balance between growth and customer care, I believe the future is bright for MPI Research and because of that; I would recommend this top tier research organization to all searching for contract services.”
Toxicologist/Pharmacologist, Pharmaceutical Company/Regulating Agency
“I recently joined a Therapeutic Company and was charged with completing some projects that were already underway at MPI Research. It has been a real pleasure to work with Duane Poage, Haiyan Ma, Paul Wilga and the entire MPI Research team. The toxicology and biodistribution studies were conducted very well and the reports were well-written. The scientific staff and program management have been great in managing the science and the relationship and keeping us organized so that we know what is needed to support the projects. I am really impressed with the expertise at MPI Research and I look forward to working with your team in the future!”
Senior Director, Preclinical and Translational Research, Therapeutic Company
“While MPI Research has been our ‘go-to’ nonclinical CRO for almost 10 years, they have become an extension of our in-house development team and their work on our most recent development candidate deserves particular praise. While many CROs advertise their ability to perform integrated nonclinical development packages to support first-in-human clinical studies, the MPI Research team has shown its ability to deliver on these promises. Their ability to meet our aggressive timelines for our latest development candidate is a product of the long-term relationship we have developed with the study team. This study team has worked with us over multiple development programs and therefore understands our products, needs and expectations, with the dedication to come together with a highly effective program management group. MPI Research has again shown their ability to initiate multiple studies rapidly, remain highly flexible when delays outside their control occur, and ultimately produce high quality studies. I look forward to our relationship with the MPI Research team over the coming years and to the warm welcome our company always receives when we visit Kalamazoo.”
Director of Nonclinical Development, Small European Biotechnology Company
“I was very impressed with the MPI Research team’s care in animal handling and their established enrichment programs for our various carcinogenicity studies. I continue to share the excellence of their animal care programs with our partners and other CROs. I would like to thank all the team members involved in our studies for taking such great care of the animals.”
Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Company
“The MPI Research team not only has a full complement of credentialed, well trained research scientists, veterinarians, and supporting staff, they interfaced seamlessly with our industry experts and our neutral science advisory committee experts. They welcomed the team approach which led to the best research program we could have achieved. Our study followed the GLP standards and with unequivocal adherence to the testing protocols, produced results which are often cited in government and regulatory settings. The MPI Research Study Director and supporting staff welcomed our visiting study scientists, managers, and key industry leaders several times during the research execution. All came away impressed and with a high degree of comfort. Our industry technical study managers and contract administrators were equally impressed through the full term of our research programs.”
Peter T. Grass, PE, CAE, President, Asphalt Institute
“Special thank you to MPI Research for getting us our information quickly, in order for us to stay on track with our timelines. It is always a wonderful experience to work with a CRO that acts as part of your organization—that is why we keep coming back. MPI Research is just that type of CRO and we are thrilled to have you as part of our family. Thank you so much for all the hard work, diligence on the timelines, and responsiveness to our requests.”
Vice President of Development Operations, Small Biotechnology Company
“A special thank you to MPI Research for the timely and well-completed toxicology, bioanalytical, and analytical studies for our program. We are excited to move our first program forward and it was through your hard work that this was possible. Thank you for being responsive to our constant requests and urgency, especially through the report writing process.”
Principal Scientist, Small Pharmaceutical Company
“I am very glad I went to MPI Research to monitor our study, everything was executed flawlessly. It was very helpful to have the ability to be on-site for the study and to see a new procedure in place and see the outcome. The expertise and knowledge of the Sponsor Services team, our Study Director, and the technical staff, contributed to the success of our study and my visit. I will refer all of my colleagues to partner with MPI Research.”
Chief Medical Officer, Pharmaceutical Company
“I view MPI Research as a strategic preclinical partner, not just a contract research organization. MPI Research supported our IND-enabling neonatal orphan indication studies seamlessly. We had many operational challenges with dosing day-old animals and MPI Research was able to help us navigate through those technical obstacles effectively. They went above and beyond to help us complete the required toxicology studies and associated assays in a timely manner. Successful completion of these activities allowed us to move rapidly into clinical trials. MPI Research is our trusted partner and we would recommend them to anyone seeking a high quality contract research organization.”
President and CEO, Pharmaceutical Company
“The general toxicology, DART, and pathology groups at MPI Research went above and beyond our needs and helped us obtain IND approval for our HPV therapeutic vaccine. This approval would not have been achieved without the knowledge and dedication of the MPI Research staff. It is rewarding to partner with a company that is dedicated to improve the overall health of our world.”
KinKai Hwang, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, HealthBanks Biotech USA Inc.
“The Study Directors at MPI Research have always been nimble and responsive to our demanding studies. They are very knowledgeable in designing and executing IND-enabling safety and toxicology studies, and produce high-quality work, and on-time data, to meet our timelines. MPI Research is not only a CRO, they are a dedicated partner that is invested in the success of our program. I will continue to strongly recommend MPI Research as the CRO of choice to all of my colleagues.”
Senior Director of Product Development, Biologics Company
“We’ve been working closely with MPI Research on one of our most important programs. Thanks to this professional relationship, we were able to achieve an important milestone and the commitment from MPI Research has enabled us to continue the pursuit of our compound and program. I’ve been extremely satisfied with their attention to our needs, allowing us to meet pivotal deadlines. Their responsiveness to our many requests has been critical in assisting with our scientific efforts. They have provided us with quality data and we are looking forward to continuing this positive relationship!”
Senior Director, DMPK Biopharmaceutical Company
“In no way should we minimize the value of the conversations I have had with the MPI Research study director; he understands our goals and asks questions that make me think. Frequent contact enables timely input and feedback. We have a tremendous relationship, and I value MPI Research’s efforts highly. We didn’t have any qualms about MPI Research’s ability to validate the research methodology that would yield accurate and reliable results. The willingness of the departmental staff to work with us in developing these specific capabilities made it possible to place all of the core studies in one location. Such a strategy facilitates the correlation of results across studies, and contributes to a scientifically sound, well-organized and compelling IND. At the end of the day we are after quality from top to bottom with speed of reports. Quality, speed and value are extremely critical, and the innovation to successfully achieve these three things is crucial. I just couldn’t be more pleased with MPI Research.”
Study Monitor, Large Pharmaceutical Company
“Among other things, what we appreciate most is your pro-active engagement and responsiveness, your commitment to high quality science and customer service, as well as your cordial and collegial attitude.”
Co-founder and CSO, Pharmaceutical Company
“MPI Research was very impressive, perhaps one of the best CROs I’ve seen! This company is proof that proper procedures and systems can be put in place for compliance; they have all the key SOPs and systems in place (and then some) that I look for. I only wish that I could take MPI Research with me as an example for other companies and CROs. The personnel were very helpful and knowledgeable; I would recommend this company to any one of my clients needing these services.”
Denise Carpenter, Owner and President, D.A. Carpenter Consulting, Inc
“We have developed an extremely productive partnership with MPI Research over the past several years. Through the many immunology, pharmacokinetic, and general toxicology studies we have conducted at MPI Research, we have received quality, on-time data that has allowed us to progress our compounds along the drug development pathway. We trust and appreciate the commitment to excellence and dedication of MPI Research and we look forward to expanding our partnership.”
Chief Scientific Officer, Biotechnology Company
“I’ve used a lot of CRO’s over my career but MPI Research is one that I’ve come to rely on as a true partner among several. They’ve been extremely responsive, flexible, and have worked well under pressure to deliver quality results. Professionally speaking, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it weren’t for reliable outsourcing partners like MPI Research.”
Brigitte Richard, PhD, Director of Toxicology, SkyePharma, Inc.
“As a young start-up company we not only needed a vendor that performed quality and timely GLP work, we needed a vendor that was flexible and one that would function as part of our team. MPI Research was all of these things and more.”
Chris Dvergsten, PhD, Senior Director of Scientific Affairs, Diffusion Pharmaceuticals
“We consider MPI Research a partner more than a vendor. At every level of interaction, their scientists are fully engaged as regular members of our team, and they embrace our goals as if they were their own. Their performance is simply outstanding in every respect.”
Michael Bozik, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Knopp Neurosciences, Inc.
“I am a retired Vice President of Preclinical Development from a West Coast biotechnology company. MPI Research had an important role in assisting us obtain our first drug approval. I was very appreciative of MPI Research’s timely communications during the years it took to accomplish the work. Their science and experience were excellent and their technical staff highly competent. As someone who worked for three different contract laboratories (but not MPI Research) during my career, I have an especially strong appreciation for their accomplishments. Now, as a consultant, I do not hesitate to suggest that my clients give MPI Research consideration for supporting their preclinical development programs.”
Richard A. Hiles, PhD, Partner, CR Hiles Consulting
“We have worked with MPI Research for a number of years for all of our IND-enabling animal safety studies. Since we are a small company, we rely on MPI Research for expert advice, cost effective performance, and accurate study execution. MPI Research consistently delivers quality research, excellent client services, and timely, accurate study reports. They have earned our respect, our confidence, and our continuing business.”
J. Mark Braughler, PhD, Vice President of Therapeutics, Intrexon Corporation
“Affinergy Inc.’s experience with MPI Research has been completely positive. As a small growing biotech, we are constantly looking for contract research organizations that meet our timing and financial consideration. Affinergy is developing a broad platform technology for medical device coatings and drug delivery. MPI Research offers us board expertise in surgical models across a wide range of clinical applications. We have found the MPI Research business and technical staff to be professional and responsive to our needs. The quality of the work performed for us has been outstanding and we look forward to a continued relation with their organization. We would recommend MPI Research to our colleagues exploring sites to complete surgical models testing the in vivo efficacy of their developing technologies.”
Dr. Quinn Wickham, MD, Director of Preclinical Studies, Affinergy, Inc.
“If a colleague were looking to conduct a surgery study I would tell them to definitely conduct a study at this CRO, every department has been cooperative and responsive to Conor’s needs. The service that you get for the cost of the study is amazing! The staff is amazing, very helpful at answering questions and following through with requests. The quality of work is outstanding; inventory of samples and devices are always on line. Animal data sheets are always neat, clean, and accurate. Protocols, data, data forms, reports, and samples are sent in a timely manner with advance notification of date of arrival. It is great working with study directors that get things done before I even have to ask or follow-up. Mark and Rose have been extremely great to work with!”
Rose Sabba, Clinical Research Associate, Conor Medsystems, LLC
“Dave is a real can-do person. He knows his field and exactly what you’re looking for. He is very easy to talk to, accommodating, extremely timely, and responsive. The mailed reports are the best cardiovascular safety pharm reports I’ve received; very descriptive! Dave really helps the reader understand what they are reading and helps capture the essence of the study. He is extremely prompt and tells it how it is. He has gained my confidence and opened the door to use MPI Research’s other product lines for a whole package of studies; I appreciate having a one-stop-shop. I wish more people were as talented in their fields as he is.”
Vince Traina, PhD, DABT, Director of Preclinical Safety, Biopharmaceutical Company
“As a start-up pharmaceutical company we have utilized MPI Research as a one stop partner for all of toxicology needs including both general toxicology and safety pharmacology. We have found this relationship to be extremely effective from both cost and time perspectives and would highly recommend the MPI Research team to others.”
Jerry R. Colca, PhD, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Metabolic Solutions Development Company
“I have worked on many successful studies with MPI Research, ranging from small molecule to protein and monoclonal antibody therapeutic studies. I have partnered with MPI Research for nine years and continue to trust the quality of work that they provide. Throughout my repeat-dose toxicology, reproductive toxicology, and carcinogenicity studies, my Study Directors kept me informed during every aspect of my studies, from the first dose through the final reporting stages. Several abstracts have been presented at SOT and ACT describing the results from our studies. Based on the trust and quality, I know that I will receive reliable and quality data on all future studies with MPI Research.”
Principal Scientist, Biopharmaceutical Company
“For the past several years, MPI Research has been steadily expanding its ototoxicity platform, developing internal capabilities to assess standard measures of ototoxicity both functionally (auditory function using ABR) and physiologically (middle ear histology, cytocochleogram). This focus also spans various routes of delivery (systemic, intratympanic, intracochlear) and animal species (rodent and non-rodent). As a biotech company focusing on local delivery for the treatment of otic disorders, we have had excellent experience with a very dedicated MPI Research team over the years. MPI Research’s position has been to pro-actively develop relevant capabilities to allow its sponsors to conduct their necessary otic studies. MPI Research’s demonstrated commitment to establish a broad-based otic platform and to be the leading CRO in ototoxicity assessment, has proven essential to the success of our preclinical programs. Our goal is for MPI Research to continue to expand into this area of highly unmet medical need.”
Senior Director of Research, Biopharmaceutical Company
“We’ve been working with the bioanalytical group at MPI Research since 2003 and I’ve been happy with all levels of the organization. The staff has done a great job developing, validating, and performing the methods – they have even provided us with some excellent troubleshooting. The transfer of the bioanalytical method from toxicology studies in animals to clinical trials in humans has been smooth. Additionally, the MPI Research group has kept us up to date on new regulatory guidance requirements and adopted them without incident.”
Associate Director of Nonclinical Development, Biopharmaceutical Company
“MPI Research has outstanding employees at every level that are among the very best that I have worked with throughout my career as a consultant. I am especially impressed with their professionalism, expertise, responsiveness, and dedication.”
Joseph Arezzo, PhD, Professor, Neuroscience & Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Staff Housing Co., Inc.