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Optimizing Research through Regulatory Standards and Quality
There are a number of external agencies and internal committees that regulate the services that are provided by contract research organizations (CROs). Staying ahead of the ever-developing and frequently changing expectations of regulations is crucial to our partnerships with Sponsors; who are working to successfully develop drugs and devices to improve global healthcare.

At MPI Research, meeting and exceeding these standards is at the heart of our company and we support and endorse all of the regulations and standards.


MPI Research is known for its on-time delivery in meeting the IND and NDA submission filing goals of its Sponsors. We have substantial experience conducting studies in accordance with domestic and international regulatory agencies, including FDA, EPA, USDA, OECD, ICH, and JMHW. Our facilities are routinely inspected by these regulatory agencies, with excellent results that are available upon the request of our Sponsors.