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A Way of Life at MPI Research

Our responsive process for uncompromising quality

Emerging challenges have driven the biopharmaceutical, medical device, animal health, and chemical companies to reassess competitive strategy. MPI Research has responded with thorough and carefully designed programs focused on optimizing productivity, efficiency, and quality through a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma (LSS) initiative. With a goal of zero-defect operation, the LSS programs provide a methodical, comprehensive, measurable structure to implement the company’s philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our approach to quality includes ongoing evaluation and progressive, iterative improvement in everything we do, with no room for guessing or assumptions.

At MPI Research, quality means

  • Accurate adherence to study protocols, Standard Operating Procedures, and Good Laboratory Practices
  • Frequent communication between our Study Directors and Sponsors to ensure high standards
  • Ongoing communication between scientific and technical support staff and our Study Directors
  • Immediate recognition of any issues that arise, with prompt assessment of their potential impact on study integrity, and plans to prevent any future deviation

It is the teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect that are a way of life at MPI Research that enable us to identify potential problems and implement effective solutions so that we can provide Sponsors with the uncompromising quality they expect and deserve.