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Saving Our Troops: An Efficacy Model for Platelet Replacement Products

The best way to support our troops is to help them come home healthy. Over 52,280 United States service members were wounded in action during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan (Congressional Research Service[1]).  Many [...]

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Emerging Trends in Therapies and Medical Devices for Women’s Health

Over the past 20 years, few clinical areas have experienced faster growth than that of women’s health. In 1994, the FDA committed to a greater focus on women’s health with the establishment of the Office [...]

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Selecting an Animal Model for Safety Testing of Women’s Health Treatments

Selecting the appropriate animal model for testing the safety of women’s health therapies, such as intravaginal rings and gels, is crucial for the successful development of the therapy.  While nonhuman primates are physiologically the most [...]

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How to Save Your Development Dollars and be Smart with Your Bioanalytical Studies

by Roger Hayes, PhD There’s an old saying in the marketplace: “You can have it quick, cheap or good. Pick two.” In bioanalytical testing, some will argue that, given the complexity of new chemical entities, [...]

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