Application Process

///Application Process
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Opportunities are posted

Career opportunities are posted on our career openings page here.

Candidate submits a resume

Interested candidates apply online for all open positions in which they are interested and for which they are qualified. Application questions should be completed in their entirety. It is strongly recommended that candidates upload a resume in a Word file to optimize keyword searches.

Resumes are sent to candidate database

Resumes will be available for hiring managers to review based on the positions that are applied for. Hiring managers will only have access to a resume if a candidate applied specifically for their position.

Resumes are reviewed

Hiring managers review the database and compare the submitted resumes against the required qualifications for the position. If a hiring manager expresses interest in an application, a recruiting specialist will contact the candidate.

Predictive Index surveys are distributed

An MPI Research recruiting specialist will administer a Predictive Index survey to all qualified applicants identified by the hiring managers. The results will be reviewed.

Phone screens are conducted

If the results of the PI survey match the Predictive Index job model, a phone screen is conducted to convey more-specific information about the company and about the position, including work environment, pay range, benefits, hours, etc. Candidates who do not fall within the PI range of the job model are forwarded to the hiring manager. The hiring manager decides whether to proceed with the application/phone screen. Candidates will be contacted ONLY if there is interest from the hiring manager.

On-site interviews are held

When an on-site interview is scheduled, candidates will come to the appropriate campus in Mattawan, Michigan to complete paperwork and speak with the hiring managers. Discussion will cover the candidate’s qualifications, specific job duties, etc.

Candidate selection is made

Hiring managers and interview team identify their desired candidate and notify Human Resources.

Offer of employment is extended

A recruiting specialist will contact the candidate with a verbal offer of employment and await the candidate’s decision.

Pre-employment activities are completed

A recruiting specialist will conduct a background check of the new hire, schedule a physical examination, generate a formal offer letter, send additional paperwork to the new hire, etc.