MPI Research strives to be the best CRO in preclinical and early clinical contract research.

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We partner with Sponsors around the world to develop their drug and device programs. Every year, our experienced scientists and dedicated technical team conduct thousands of discovery, drug safety, bioanalytical, analytical, medical device, and clinical research studies.

We are committed to bring safer and more effective drugs and devices to the market faster and more efficiently.

With over 32,000 studies and counting and high satisfaction, MPI Research aims to be the CRO partner for your drug and device programs.

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Micro-CT: ‘Little Brother,’ Big Results

by Shane Woods, Senior Study Director

The younger sibling of a medical innovation is bringing big value to the research laboratory. […]

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Surgical and Orthopaedic Insights from Biomechanical Testing

by Shane Woods, Senior Study Director

As surgical procedures advance and treatments become more sophisticated, the need to understand how they […]

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Stem Cell-Derived RPE Cells Sharpen View of Retinal Disease

by Thomas Vihtelic, DVM, PhD
Director of Experimental Therapeutics, MPI Research

Advancing stem cell research is a rewarding part of our work […]

“The general toxicology, DART, and pathology groups at MPI Research went above and beyond our needs and helped us obtain IND approval for our HPV therapeutic vaccine. This approval would not have been achieved without the knowledge and dedication of the MPI Research staff.”

KinKai Hwang, PhD,
HealthBanks Biotech USA Inc.

“The Study Directors at MPI Research have always been nimble and responsive to our demanding studies. They are very knowledgeable in designing and executing IND-enabling safety and toxicology studies, and produce high-quality work, and on-time data, to meet our timelines. MPI Research is not only a CRO, they are a dedicated partner that is invested in the success of our program.”

Senior Director of Product Development,
Biologics Company

“I’d like to thank the entire Jasper Clinic team for their contribution to advancing our portfolio over the course of the year. We appreciate the commitment they exhibit, and their efforts to be team players. The work they do for us is never taken for granted.”

Large Pharmaceutical Company

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