MPI Research strives to be the best CRO in preclinical and early clinical contract research.

Ocular Distribution For Exposure Assessment

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Criticial Ophthalmology Endpoints To Consider

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The CRO/Consultant/Sponsor Relationship: Collaborating to Ensure Sponsor and Client Success

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We partner with Sponsors around the world to develop their drug and device programs. Every year, our experienced scientists and dedicated technical team conduct thousands of discovery, drug safety, bioanalytical, analytical, medical device, and clinical research studies.

We are committed to bring safer and more effective drugs and devices to the market faster and more efficiently.

With over 32,000 studies and counting and high satisfaction, MPI Research aims to be the CRO partner for your drug and device programs.

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The Role of Biofilms in Infected Wounds

Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) was the first person to delve into the field of microbiology and document initial observations of [...]

Lessons Learned in Preparing Nonclinical Programs Part I:

Test Article Considerations Effects: Sharing as much information as you can with your contract research organization (CRO) about your test [...]

Top Four Analysis Considerations for Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Roger Hayes, PhD, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Laboratory Sciences Chemotherapy is a mainstay of a standardized treatment regimen for [...]

“Special thank you to MPI Research for getting us our information quickly, in order for us to stay on track with our timelines. It is always a wonderful experience to work with a CRO that acts as part of your organization—that is why we keep coming back. MPI Research is just that type of CRO and we are thrilled to have you as part of our family. Thank you so much for all the hard work, diligence on the timelines, and responsiveness to our requests.”

VP of Development Operations,
Small Biotechnology Company

“Among other things, what we appreciate most is your pro-active engagement and responsiveness, your commitment to high quality science and customer service, as well as your cordial and collegial attitude.”

Co-founder and CSO,
Pharmaceutical Company

“I am very glad I went to MPI Research to monitor our study, everything was executed flawlessly. It was very helpful to have the ability to be on-site for the study and to see a new procedure in place and see the outcome. The expertise and knowledge of the Sponsor Services team, our Study Director, and the technical staff, contributed to the success of our study and my visit. I will refer all of my colleagues to partner with MPI Research.”

Chief Medical Officer,
Pharmaceutical Company

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